The future often seems bleak for illegal immigrants, with not many options available to fix their statuses. The truth is, however, there are a few, relatively unknown ways in which to go about righting the wrong of being here illegally. One such route is the U-visa, for victims of a crime. The U-visa is meant to reward those who would generally be reluctant to report a crime, due to their fear of exposing their own perilous status here in the United States. The U-visa program encourages illegal immigrants to not only report crimes, in the name of public safety, but to be helpful in the crime’s investigation. An illegal immigrant who has been the victim of one of a particular list of qualifying crimes and who has suffered some sort of physical or emotional damage as a result can apply for a U-visa. The application process also involves getting a certification from law enforcement, which confirms the immigrant’s cooperation in the reporting and investigation of the crime. While a U-visa does not initially grant any sort of actual status in the United States, it allows an applicant to stay and receive an employment card, to eventually adjust their status to that of a Legal Permanent Resident, and to ultimately gain United States Citizenship. While it is a complex and lengthy process, the U-visa is a powerful tool that all immigrants should know about. Read about the U-visa more at the link below and CONTACT US today if you have any questions about the process.

The Elusive U-Visa

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