It’s hard to imagine in today’s age, with technology advances where they are, that one of the most complex processes an individual can embark on is still mostly done with paper and simple snail mail. As immigration practitioners, we know first-hand the frustration that comes from dealing with such an antiquated system. For example, files are physically mailed from one office to another when a case proceeds from one step to the next. Not only does such a system lead to further and needless delays for families and individuals, but it leads to inefficient processing, with each step often seeking duplicate information from the step before. Additionally, such a system leaves the door wide open for mistakes, as greencards, employment cards, and occasionally even full files, too often fall through unseen and mysterious cracks. The immigration process desperately needs an overhaul and a general upgrade, for the sake of those families and individuals patiently waiting for their American dream.

Antiquated Processing for Immigration Cases

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