7 Important Things to Look for When Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer:


If someone else’s negligence has caused an injury to you or a member of your family, hiring a personal injury lawyer will increase your chances of obtaining the most compensation available. Corporations and insurance companies have access to a lot of money for investigating and challenging personal injury claims. Having a knowledgeable attorney by your side, especially if it is your first time going through this process, increases the probability that you will succeed in your case. However, not all lawyers or law firms are on equal ground.

In comparison to more serious cases which involve injury or death, those involving minor injuries differ considerably. If you are seeking legal aid for a more severe trauma case, here are some useful tips and questions to consider when selecting the best personal injury lawyer for your particular circumstance.

When Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer, Consider These Points:

The Law Office of Erica Gelfand is devoted to bringing about full justice for sufferers and their families, not merely partial justice. This post will discuss seven questions you should ask a personal injury lawyer – please keep reading for more details.

Are They Focused?

Engaging someone strictly based on their appearance in a large advertisement or the amount of money they gave to appear on TV does not make any sense as it does not reflect their public image. To win a lawsuit, one must first build a good reputation. If an organization performs well, it will gain respect from the rehabilitation field, lawyers and judges alike. Who better than those who have seen the lawyer or company’s work to give counsel? Listening is just as important as hearing- an attentive lawyer will do more than just listen to what you have to say.

A personal injury lawyer adept at working with clients will create a secure environment for conversations about delicate or contentious topics. To guarantee the client’s needs are given the attention they deserve, any distractions, such as laptops and smartphones, will be taken away.

What Types of Cases Do They Handle?

Companies with experience in personal injury and wrongful death cases are better equipped to handle your claim in a professional, timely, and reasonable manner. This not only raises the monetary value of the settlement but also expedites the litigation process. Expert law firms have an impressive track record of getting effective results cost-effectively, as well as having the necessary experience and skillset needed to bring a case to its conclusion.

When it comes to interviewing a personal injury lawyer in Phoenix, Arizona, inquiring about their prior trial experience is key. The majority of disputes are settled without going to court; therefore, not having any or limited trial experience can put them at a disadvantage. If the other side knows that they don’t have evidence to back up their claim, settling and succeeding in the case becomes difficult. Taking these points into consideration is essential when deciding on the right lawyer; it will significantly boost your likelihood of getting a favorable outcome.

Primarily, when an attorney focuses on a specific area of law, they gain invaluable resources, information and abilities; all of which are advantageous to their clientele.

How Thorough Are They?

The plaintiff must pay special attention to all the details when handling a personal injury case. The plaintiff must acquire police records, store incident reports, and compile recordings and photos to develop a robust case. A proficient personal injury lawyer will work hard and tirelessly to present the strongest possible argument for their clients in order to receive financial compensation for their injuries. Thus, a personal injury case demands meticulous attention from the plaintiff’s side in order to build an effective claim.

A lawyer who knows the ins and outs of personal injury cases will strive to build the best case possible for their client, so that they may receive adequate recompense for their injuries.

How Many Cases Have They Successfully Settled?

When seeking a personal injury lawyer for a serious case of injury or wrongful death, look for one that handles many cases and seeks quick settlements without putting in the required time or effort. This could be suitable if there is little property damage, but not if the damage is extensive. Just like any other industry, law firms use different business strategies; should they aim for low volume and high returns or large amounts with poorer returns? If you have an important case, focus on those attorneys who specialize in more serious situations.

An organization that handles a limited number of complex matters can dedicate the necessary energy and resources to build your claim and procure highly regarded specialists in order to achieve a satisfactory settlement on your behalf.

In situations of personal injury, the parties often try to reach a mutually beneficial agreement outside of court. However, if this is not possible, the issue can be taken to trial. Therefore, it is important to have an experienced negotiator and a qualified and aggressive trial lawyer when addressing workplace legal matters.

Inquire If Any Of Your Friends Can Recommend A Lawyer

Someone who has gone through a personal injury case before can be a great source of advice when it comes to making the best decision possible. By speaking with them, you can gain valuable insight on how your own lawsuit could go; they can even provide insight to help you make educated choices about your attorneys.

Do They Make False Promises Of A Speedy Solution?

People who are dealing with minor issues might prefer quick resolutions over prolonged legal proceedings. However, this is not the case for more serious cases of harm and injury. It is best to stay away from companies that guarantee to settle major matters quickly.

Law firms that are reputable will do whatever is necessary to finish your case rapidly. They have the capacity to do so, however they will be cautious of accepting a low, unjust, and unfair compensation offer.

Do They ONLY Charge A Fee At The End If They Win?

In order to match the capacity of the insurance company defending a personal injury claim, a quality injury law firm needs to have the financial means to employ and pay for all necessary professionals – such as doctors, accident reconstructionists, life care planners, and accountants. Otherwise, it would be unwise to expect clients to cover these costs associated with pursuing a case.

No legal fees are expected to be paid by you unless you win. Therefore, there is no need for worry regarding payment for the services. This allows full focus to be on reclaiming what was lost due to the incident and restoring life back to normal!

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