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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Who Will Pay For My Car?

    Hiring a lawyer will give you the peace of mind that the process is fair. You can choose where you want to get your car repaired. The at-fault insurance company will typically issue payment for the cost of repair, if the costs are less than the total value of your car. In the case your car is totaled, they will issue you a check for the fair market value of your car.

    Who Will Pay For My Medical Bills?

    An attorney will prepare a demand letter that meticulously details how your life has been affected by the auto accident. You may be entitled to treatment on behalf of the insurance company for your injuries.

    Who Will Pay For My Wage Loss?

    An attorney protects your rights and makes sure you are receiving every benefit that you are entitled to, including wage loss. This means that we demand the responsible party pays you for your lost wages as a result of the auto accident. This includes time off work because we understand the stressors that come along with missing work.

    What Is Diminished Value?

    Diminished Value is the loss of a vehicle’s market value after an accident. Buyers tend to be less likely to purchase a repaired vehicle, so its value diminishes after an accident. In many cases, you are entitled to the loss in market value. We help guide you to make sure that you receive accurate diminished value appraisals to help you potentially recover more from your insurance company.

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