7 Valuable Things to Look for When Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer


If someone else’s carelessness has resulted in an injury to you or a relative, employing the services of an experienced personal injury lawyer will increase your options of obtaining maximum compensation. Insurance companies and corporations have considerable funds to research and dispute personal injury claims. Therefore, if this is your first time dealing with such a situation, having a competent personal injury attorney by your side increases the likelihood that you will be successful in your case. Not all lawyers or law firms are equal in their capabilities though.

When deciding on the right personal injury lawyer for your serious injury or trauma case, the Law Office of Erica Gelfand is here to ensure you receive full and complete justice. To help you with this process, we have put together a list of seven questions that should be asked when selecting the best lawyer for your unique situation. Read on to learn more about how to make an informed decision in these types of cases which are significantly different from those involving minor injuries.

7 Valuable Things to Look for When Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer:

Engaging someone based solely on their appearance in a large advertisement or the payment of a large sum to appear on television is senseless. This has nothing to do with the individual’s public reputation. To be victorious in a lawsuit, one must initially build up an excellent reputation. If a company does well, it will acquire a positive standing amongst rehabilitation professionals, lawyers, and judges alike. Consequently, who better to seek advice from than those who have seen the lawyer or business operate and possess firsthand familiarity of their capabilities? Furthermore, listening attentively to what is said does more for an attorney than simply just hearing it.

Is your lawyer paying attention?

A personal injury lawyer who is experienced in working with clients will take away potential distractions such as laptops and smartphones, to ensure the client is completely focused on the case. This in turn can lead to a successful settlement, as reputable firms are likely to handle claims promptly, professionally and reasonably. By doing so, it helps increase the monetary value of settlements and make litigation more efficient.

What Types of Cases Do They Handle?

Interviewees should always be asked about their trial experience, as this is an important factor in successful dispute resolution. Without a history of trials, the chances of successfully negotiating and winning a case are reduced: The opposition knows there is no evidence to back up the claim. Therefore, when dealing with large personal injury and wrongful death cases, it is essential that the attorney has both an impressive record and adequate skillset to see the matter through to conclusion.

Before making a decision, a personal injury lawyer in Phoenix, Arizona should take into account numerous factors. Engaging a personal injury lawyer will drastically improve your odds of achieving a desired outcome. An attorney’s knowledge and resources specific to their field of law are especially advantageous for the plaintiff.

What Types of Cases Do They Handle?

In order to construct an effective case, the plaintiff needs to be meticulous when it comes to activities such as collecting police reports, preserving incident details and putting together recordings and pictures.

Are They Thorough and Detail Oriented?

A personal injury lawyer experienced in wrongful death and serious injury matters should be sought out as they often strive to settle cases without investing the necessary effort or resources. Building a strong case requires detailed activities, such as collecting police records, incident reports and recordings/photos, which a skilled attorney will work diligently and tirelessly to accomplish in order to obtain compensation for their clients.

How Many Cases Have They Successfully Closed?

For cases of major property damage, it may be beneficial to limit your search to lawyers who specialize in more serious matters; as they are inclined to dedicate the time and effort necessary for a successful outcome. Additionally, these firms tend to have a business model that prioritizes high returns rather than great volume. Therefore, their focus on few but large cases allows them to assemble respected experts and gain an acceptable settlement for you.

Inquire if someone you know has used them.

For any legal matters in the workplace, you should seek help from a knowledgeable and assertive trial lawyer, as well as an experienced negotiator. If you are unable to reach a settlement, your case may go to trial. To make the right choice in this situation, it would be beneficial to consult someone who has already worked with a personal injury attorney. They can offer valuable insight into how your claim may turn out if it goes to court.

Do they promise a fast resolution?

For those who wish to have speedy resolutions to minor matters, swift settlements may be the better option than lengthy litigation. However, for serious cases that involve significant injuries, it is not advisable to go with firms that promise a fast resolution. The best law firms will strive to bring your situation to a successful end in an efficient manner; they possess the necessary resources for this purpose.

Do they charge a fee if they win?

When selecting a personal injury firm, it is important to bear in mind the potential costs associated with such a claim. This typically includes hiring professionals such as doctors, accident reconstructionist, life care planners and accountants. To ensure that you are on an even playing field with the insurance company defending the claim, it is essential to select a good personal injury firm which has sufficient financial resources to cover these costs without expecting you to foot the bill. Furthermore, opting for a firm which only charges legal fees if you win eliminates any worries about how you will pay for your legal representation.

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