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Hiring a Rollover Car Accident Attorney

In the United States, car accidents are a common cause of injury and many people can relate to this experience. However, parking lot incidents, minor fender benders and even larger but not serious collisions are more familiar compared to rollover accidents. These types of collisions are rare but can have serious consequences when they do occur.

If you have been involved in a car accident, our experienced attorneys can assess all of the variables and aid in collecting important evidence. If necessary, we will take legal action against those who are responsible for your crash – including other drivers, vehicle manufacturers, and municipal entities. Rollover accidents can be devastating to experience; that is why our Arizona rollover car accident lawyers are aware of the severity of harm that has been done to you. Reach out to us now for a free consultation!

Our firm will conduct a comprehensive investigation of your case upon contact to identify why the accident happened, assess the damage caused, and ascertain what course of action will lead to you receiving the highest settlement possible.

The Deadly Nature of Rollover Car Accidents

Rollover collisions, though making up only 2.1% of all vehicle occurrences, were responsible for a staggering 35% of fatalities in passenger vehicles in 2010 due to their intense levels of violence and the fact that they often involve multiple impacts. Furthermore, the fatality rate associated with these events is significantly greater than the 2.1%. These crashes are especially lethal.

Rollovers, more frequent in light passenger cars such as sport-utility vehicles and crossovers, can be caused by tripping: when a car’s tire strikes an object like a curb or bump, the disruption of its forward motion may cause it to roll forwards or sideways. Other factors that may increase the risk of rollover include inadequate vehicle design, hazardous driving conditions, and tires with limited protective capabilities. SUVs and minivans have a higher center of gravity than other cars and are thus more likely to roll over if not built up to standard.

Additionally, other drivers that are not paying attention to the road or inclement weather can heighten a rollover’s chance of happening.

Why Rollover Accidents Are So Dangerous

Rollover accidents are incredibly dangerous, as they can lead to fatalities or severe injuries such as traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord damage, fractured bones and organ trauma. The car may land on its roof, side or flip over multiple times during the accident. Broken glass, objects entering the window/windshield and penetrating occupants, traumatic brain injuries from the rolling/shaking and crush injuries can all contribute to serious harm. The most threatening aspect of a rollover accident is when an occupant is thrown from the vehicle during the collision.

69 percent of fatalities from rollover accidents were not wearing their seatbelts; this lack of safety restraint substantially heightens the risk of injury or death within the car.

Causes of Rollover Accidents

The type of car a driver has is not always the greatest indicator of whether or not they will experience a rollover. In fact, any car can be involved in one and while vehicle type may have an effect on the chances of it occurring, more significant elements are the actions taken by the driver and environmental conditions. According to The United States Department of Transportation, these factors contribute to rollover risk:

  • Rollover car accident attorney: Losing control of a car is the main cause of rollover accidents. Drivers who become distracted from the task at hand, such as using their phones or dozing off, can easily lose focus and control. When a vehicle hits an obstacle in the road, like a curb, it may affect its center of gravity and result in an accident.
  • Rollover car accident attorney: Vehicle Type. Due to their higher center of gravity, SUVs and other large vans are more likely to be in a rollover accident than smaller cars.
  • Rollover car accident attorney: Location. Rollover accidents are particularly frequent in rural areas due to the lack of obstructions and unbalanced roadways.
  • Rollover car accident attorney: Speed. Excessive speed is often the cause of most fatal rollover accidents, and the higher a vehicle’s velocity, the greater its risk of being involved in such an accident. As a result, a motorist’s ability to maintain control of their vehicle is notably reduced when traveling at high speeds.
  • Rollover car accident attorney: Alcohol use. It is more likely that accidents, such as rollover collisions, will occur if alcohol has been consumed. In around half of all rollover collisions the driver was reported to have been under the influence of alcohol.
  • Rollover car accident attorney: Risky Maneuvers.Aggressive driving is another commonly identified reason for rollovers. This involves activities such as taking turns on highways or abruptly swerving while traveling. The tires of a vehicle and the road surface can produce enough friction to cause the car to tilt and flip if these maneuvers are done too quickly, particularly when it comes to vans, trucks, and cars hauling significant loads.
  • Rollover car accident attorney: Multi-vehicle crashes. Single-vehicle rollovers are the most common type of accident, however multi-vehicle collisions can also cause a car to roll if it is struck side-on by the force of an oncoming vehicle. Generally, cars will crash into a guardrail or some other object which then causes them to roll over.
  • Certain negligent behaviors by other motorists, such as changing lanes illegally, can lead to rollover collisions. An abrupt turn without sufficient warning signs may cause a driver to swerve suddenly, increasing the probability of a rollover accident. Additionally, the absence of guardrails and road hazards like debris increase chances of these types of accidents occurring.

    Recovering Compensation for Damages Incurred in Your Rollover Crash

    The aftereffects of a rollover accident may cause more than just property damage and, in some cases, can be fatal. Injuries such as bone fractures, traumatic brain injury, soft tissue injuries, back and neck injuries or even amputation or spinal cord injury can occur. These occurrences may prevent you from engaging in activities you enjoy most in life and working or leading an everyday life independently.

    You don’t need to depend on the assistance and aid given by others. One might even face the chance of being unemployed, having pricey medical bills, or other fiscal issues.

    To obtain the compensation you deserve as quickly as possible, it is essential to ascertain who was accountable for a rollover accident in Phoenix. When deliberating on the reasonableness of an accident and who is responsible for the crash in Arizona, all responsible parties are taken into consideration. In our assessment, we will investigate all possibly liable entities such as a government organization that handles roadway maintenance, another careless driver, a vehicle manufacturer with a flaw and so forth. We examine the exact cause of your accident to acquire appropriate recompense.

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