Glendale Truck Accident Lawyer

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Glendale Truck Accident Lawyer

Glendale Truck Accident Lawyer

The Law Office of Erica Gelfand is prepared to investigate any truck accident claims, and our Glendale truck accident attorney stands ready to assist. We won’t hesitate to confront insurance carriers, trucking companies, or legal teams that try and deny you the compensation you are entitled to. Our focus is on providing the best care we can throughout this process.

Typical Causes of Glendale Truck Accidents

Glendale trucking accidents often result from a variety of causes, such as speeding, driving while fatigued, driving under the influence, reckless driving, distracted driving, improperly loaded cargo, poor vehicle maintenance and road conditions, inadequate driver training and unreasonable time constraints. This is due to the fact that large trucks can weigh 20-30 times more than regular cars and can cause catastrophic harm in high-speed collisions. Data from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) reports that last year there were over 4,000 deaths linked to truck crashes; 68% of them passengers in other vehicles and 16% pedestrians or cyclists.

What Makes The Law Office of Erica Gelfand the Ideal Choice to Represent You?

Our Glendale truck accident attorneys have an established record of success, obtaining large settlements and jury verdicts for victims across Arizona. We take a client-centered approach to every case, enabling us to hear your goals and requirements so we can develop the right plan of action. Additionally, we take on truck accident cases from Glendale on a contingency fee basis – meaning that no legal fees are due until our clients receive their deserved compensation.

How Will a Glendale Truck Accident Lawyer Help?

When a major truck is involved in an incident, the process of filing a claim may be quite long. Victims may not have the knowhow necessary to address the intricacies of such cases since truck drivers and firms are usually backed by insurance companies and lawyers.

In A Case Concerning A Truck Accident In Glendale, There Are Potentials For Compensation:

If you or someone else/company’s carelessness caused an 18-wheeler crash that injured you, it is only fair for you to be recompensed for your medical costs and distress. The Law Office of Erica Gelfand’s Glendale truck accident attorneys recognize that the costly medical bills can be overwhelming, so they will help guarantee that you get payment for: previous, current and future healthcare expenditures (hospital stays, doctor appointments, medicinessurgeries and physical therapy); lost wages and potential income; property destruction; emotional distress; loss of quality of life; as well as pain and suffering.

We don’t charge for our services at the start; instead, our fees are taken out of the compensation won with our assistance. Should we not be able to aid you in winning, there will be no payment required of you.

A Glendale truck accident attorney with the right resources can conduct a thorough investigation of the crash. This can involve collecting evidence such as video surveillance, the truck’s electronic control module, data from the driver’s electronic logging device, witness statements, and maintenance and inspection records of the trucking company.

Who May Be to Blame for a Glendale Truck Accident?

In the instance of a Glendale truck accident, it is possible that more than one party will be held accountable. The trucker could face liability if it is established that their actions caused the crash; this consists of driving impaired by alcohol/drugs, disregarding federal hours of service regulations, operating distracted by phones or other gadgets, and infringing upon traffic laws. Even if the truck driver is determined to be the originator of the accident, it is likely that their employer will also incur liability. It can be assumed that trucking companies will bear responsibility for any incidents caused by their drivers while they are performing job-related duties.

Neglecting to conduct regular inspections and maintenance on the truck, failing to give the driver proper training, not checking the qualifications of a driver, or encouraging them to drive for longer periods or overload the vehicle can lead to a company or truck operator being held liable.

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If you’ve been injured in an accident in Glendale due to a trucker or trucking company’s negligence, do not hesitate to reach out to The Law Office of Erica Gelfand. We are well-versed in handling complex vehicle crash cases all over Arizona and will investigate the incident thoroughly to determine who is responsible and ensure you receive the compensation you are owed, such as medical bills, lost wages, property damage payments, etc. If you need a Glendale truck accident lawyer, give us a call for a free consultation of your case.

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